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what people say - martin


   First book to captivate me in a long time (I read a lot). I never put it down! Can't wait for Fleur de Lis; I'm starting immediately! This author is great!

     Ms. Leung's writing is amazing. I have a much greater understanding of the relationship between Olivia and Martin since reading "Martin". Ms. Leung has a knack for taking a character to another level! I once hated Martin but now...

      I hate Martin. That is ... I hate the character Martin, not the story that bears this bastard's name... This is a short prequel to Fleur de Lis and gives some background information and insight in Martin's character and details how he originally met Olivia.

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did you know?

The Dublin neighborhood the Nolans and Quinns occupy is the actual place where Tracy once lived.

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Meet the People - Olivia

Bonjour, my name is Olivia Girardin. I was loved by a bad boy, then an older gentleman. Now my husband is rich and gay. I have known the touch of many hands. Some hold me back, some push me away, some hold me close. I need to find my own way in life, by my own hand.

On Location

Paris chose me. In my dreams Olivia spoke to me in French. The Branche Olive Trilogy had to begin where she did.
Long before I ever saw Paris for myself I had already walked her streets and seen her third floor flat in my mind. I knew how long it would take to stroll to her flower shop in the morning and I loved the view from Henrys terrace.
I hope I can give you, the reader, that same feeling of familiarity for a city you may already know, or dream of visiting. I can taste the coffee at the sidewalk table even now. 


Lost in Translation

English is my first language, so writing in French for Olivia can be difficult.

It's not just translating the words, it's knowing the phrases and nuances.

Here's a great example.

English - "There is a major problem."
French - "Il y une couille dans le potage"
Literally - "There is a testicle in the soup"



When I am inspired to write I find that just music can transport me to a time and place. I always have a decidedly French soundtrack running while Olivia channels through me to tell her story. Here is just a sample:

Paris Paris - Malcolm McLaren
Joe le Taxi - Vanessa Paradis
At Last - Etta James
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
Non, je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf
Michelle - Beatles
Last Request - Paolo Nutini


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