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talking about - ayati

   She went up the narrow staircase to Olivia’s flat. When Ayati left the estate, to go back home, Olivia retreated to the small flat over her shop. She could not bear to be at the estate without Ayati.


    Olivia grabbed her friend by the shoulders and shook her, “Merde! You fool. Do you know what this means? There will be a scandal. The boys will throw us out!” Ayati bowed her head, helplessly.


   The pink sands of the Bermuda beaches were just a few steps from the villa they leased. Ayati stretched out on a towel, digging her toes in the sand. Olivia was lathering herself with sunscreen.

new video

We have a new video short just for summer. Walks on the beach, cool drinks and most importantly ..  a good book !!



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did you know?

While writing is Tracy's passion she needs a 9-5 to pay the bills. Take a look at her other world away from the pages of Branche Olive.

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Meet the People - ayati

Nice to meet you, I am Ayati Patani. I live a very privileged life in London with my husband on our massive family estate. We share our home with my husband’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s wife. I also escape to my own house to meet my lover. All the relationships are discrete. We have to maintain this delicate balance, this charade, to satisfy the traditions of our parents. We will do everything we can to uphold the reputation and legacy of the family name.

On Location

I found Bermuda to be a magical place.
It’s a quirky mix of British Imperialism and laid back casual Caribbean. The small island nation prides itself in pink sand beaches and clear blue waters. The residents are restricted to white roofed houses and limited vehicle ownership. I was charmed by the convivial locals and business men in shorts! It is, in many ways a beautiful escape. 


thought of the day

It occured to me how dangerous it is for your characters when you write in a bad mood.

Bang bang bang.
The End.

Is that how Game of Thrones got the Red Wedding?



This issue's soundtrack is inspired by the season. The stories of Branche Olive naturally evolve over time. When Ayati and her friends need to soak in the sun I crank up these songs:

Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra
In the Summertime - Shaggy
Summer in the City - Lovin' Spoonful
Under the Boardwalk - Drifters
Barbados - Barbados
Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran
Summer Nights - Grease


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