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talking about - rajesh

   "Sorry sorry,” Raj said with a fiery blush. “Yes, Coventry.” Satish watched Raj in amusement. “I’ve just come to see Mother,” Raj motioned to the house. “Maybe I should stay for tea."


    Raj started to sob. Then he started to cry. Then he began to wail and a frightened Jane held him close. He poured his heart out to her. Simon and Ayati. What he wanted and what he needed.


   "She needs to be with her mother.” Raj kissed Simon gently on the mouth. “We cannot let another chance go by. We will bring back one more to love,” Simon kissed Raj back, tears streaming down his face.

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Meet the People - rajesh

Rajesh Patani is my name. I am a successful businessman with international holdings and my family has a well established reputation in various industries. My business partner and I sit on many boards and charitable organizations.
I live in London with my wife.
My whole life is built on a lie.

On Location

When I first lived in London I was broke. I remember specifically walking through one and a half towns to get to a Tube Station within a cheaper fare zone. Years later I visited London on business, with an expense account. It wasn’t exactly Patani luxury, but it was certainly more upmarket. London always strikes me as a very expensive city, where the rich have to be very rich. It’s the perfect location for the indulgence and opulence that money can provide. 


thought of the day

I specifically chose the name of the character Rajesh because of the “raj” component.
Raj, in different contexts of the Sanskrit and Hindu languages, means a "king", "ruler", "emperor" or "royalty".
True to his name, Rajesh will always try to be the leader, the boss or the person in charge.



When I think of the Patani fortune my mind travels to riches you only see in movies. I imagine champagne in crystal flutes, caviar on ivory spoons. I see expansive marble hallways and gleaming chandeliers. And I see money, British Sterling notes, Euros, US Dollars, gold coins. Money money, it’s a rich man’s world.

Money - Pink Floyd
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
Billionaire - Travie Mccoy Feat. Bruno Mars
Money - The Beatles
Royals - Lorde
Money, Money, Money - Abba
Gold Digger - Glee Cast
Baby You're a Rich Man - Beatles


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