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talking about - lucy & tom

  “Look! He just had her boobies in his mouth,” Lucy reported to Tom with a huge grin on her face. The two of them ducked down quickly. Lucy stood up again, “What’s he doing that for?”


    “Lucy Quinn, will you marry me?” Tom heard himself say. Lucy said, “Will you do that to me,” gesturing up at the window. “Suppose I would,” Tom was almost in pain. “I’ll think about it, Tommy Nolan.”


   “How can you rush something you’ve wanted all your life?” she kissed his hand. “You are far more sensible than I am, Tom” Lucy said solemnly.

  Tom smiled, “Parts of me are furious with me at the moment. I’m not sure I’m being altogether sensible,” Tom hugged Lucy and her head dropped to his shoulder.

did you know

The London Irish punk band The Pogues were founded in 1982 as Pogue Mahone. It's an Anglicization of the Irish póg mo thóin, meaning "kiss my arse"



for hire

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Meet the People - lucy & tom

Allo. My name is Lucy Quinn, I mean Lucy Slavin. I’m an Irish nurse, living and working in London. It’s a big City, but I’m here with my best friend, Tom. I’ve known him all my life. I can’t imagine doing any of this without him. We have been together through all the milestones in each other’s lives. He was even at my wedding. I know that regardless of what happens to us, I will always love him.

Hey there, I’m Tom Nolan. My girlfriend, Lucy and I moved to London recently. She’s an amazing nurse and I’m finishing my postgraduate medical training. Lucy and I grew up in Dublin together. She’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. We’ve had our share of tragedies, but through it all I know we have each other. Our life together is full of love despite the struggles and challenges in a new City. It all changes one fateful night when we meet a young Frenchwoman and her dashing husband.

On Location

I love Dublin. I didn’t realize how much until I left it. It became my second home.
I was young and impressionable. I assumed the accent and customs. I fell in love with Dublin and its people.
It made sense to set Lucy and Tom’s love story there.


thought of the day

“For myself, I always write about Dublin, because if I can get to the heart of Dublin I can get to the heart of all the cities of the world. In the particular is contained the universal.”

-James Joyce


It was really hard to limit my choices for this soundtrack. The Irish have left an immeasurable influence on my taste in music.
They’ve produced international superstars and “locally” known bands with loyal cult followings. This list is a mere representation of some of my favorites.

Don't Fear Me Now - In Tua Nua
Mysterious Ways - U2
Hello x5 (Petrol) - Something Happens
Rioga "Royals" - TG Lurgan
Into the Mystic - Van Morrison
Harry's Game - Clannad
Changing Your Demeanour - Chieftains
Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinéad O'Connor
Treat Her Right - Commitments


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